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Scenic Design

Brooklyn Jazz Underground Records, BJUR 055

"What a joy to discover the music of David Cook. His album Scenic Design is full of heart, intelligence, and simply fantastic playing by one stellar group of players, each having a lovely sense for sound and overall development. Every piece thoughtfully carries the listener along with evolving nuance, expression and harmonic details that allow the listener to simply let go and trust in the artistry of David and this wonderful group." –Maria Schneider

"Beautiful in its simplicity... showcases slowly expanding music, using each track to develop well-planned aural ideas." Downbeat

"On one hand it's an engrossing breeze to enjoy from start to finish, and on the other, it's awful substantial, with top-flight players expressing themselves unabashedly and without any wasted notes. In other words, this disc is quite the feat, accessible but meaty and always on point." –Peter Hum, The Ottawa Citizen

"Masterful"Huffington Post


Brooklyn Jazz Underground Records, BJUR 021

"This is a long-overdue debut recording by a mature and distinctive pianist and composer. Great tunes, a band that really sounds like a band - and wonderful, creative and committed performances all around." –Fred Hersch

"He has a wide palette of styles in his technique and he uses them intelligently to forge a deep harmonic character that's pleasing and never fussy...an impressive debut of a jazz pianist and composer who is clearly going down the right path." All About Jazz

"...David Cook travels down more than one interesting Pathway on this winning session. The overall feel is crisp, clean and refreshing with a solid grounding in the classic jazz piano idiom." –Elliot Simon, All About Jazz, New York

“His playing, dramatic but never showy, illustrates just how much the pianist cares about his art...Pathway is a celebration, a showcase of loyalty to the art of jazz." –Jordan Richardson, Canadian Audiophile

“Recorded old school style, in two afternoons, Cook knows the sounds and moves you like to hear and serves them up hot, not rewarmed. A fine new set from a pro that knows the difference between music and musical product." –Chris Spector, Midwest Record

"A sterling debut...Pathway is an engrossing and heartfelt modern jazz record." (4 stars/5) –Icon Magazine

"Pathway is the work of a dedicated artist who has found his authentic and clear voice as a pianist and composer; it is also a celebration of this trio listening, interacting, and making compelling music together." –Bruce Barth